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Thankfulness Towards God Is Worship

Written by Doriana Goins Monday, 31 December 2012. Posted in Audio (English), Videos (English), Training Series (English)

by Psalmist Doriana Goins

Thankfulness Towards God Is  Worship
There are moments where nothing else can be said, where I can only remain silent before God.  And if I do have something to say, it's to give Him thanks for all that He has done and will continue to do.

How ever the past years has gone for you, we must learn to give thanks to the Lord for His tremendous faithfulness.  I've learned that it is better to give thanks rather than to complain.  It is when we learn to give thanks that He is able to multiply his blessings in our lives.
It is wonderful to know that there is nothing impossible for the God we serve and that the good work that He began in us will be completed!  You and I should be ready to say “Yes”!  Yes, Lord!  Use my life even more this next year, and allow your perfect will to be done in and through me.

Maybe this past year was incredible, where you experienced many of the Lord's personal promises fulfilled in your life.   For others of you it's been a difficult year.  The Lord knows your life and is ultimately in control.  However, it is when we give thanks to Him, even though it may not have gone the way we wanted, He will bring forth the best in 2013 for your life.  I declare that the BEST IS YET TO COME in your life and in your ministry this next year.

Thankfulness to the Lord is Worship.   When we give thanks to the Lord it brings forth multiplication.   Perhaps no greater example of this is when Jesus was offered a little boys lunch.  Although it seemed to be such a small amount for a large group of people Jesus took what was given to Him and “Gave Thanks” to his father for the bread and fish.  God can easily take the LITTLE WE HAVE and MULTIPLY IT to perform GREAT THINGS when we live a life of thankfulness.  For this reason we encourage you to join us by finishing 2012 with THANKSGIVING and as we prepare to enter into the New Year 2013 with a heart of thankfulness to the Lord.

Happy New Year!  Let your worship to the Lord throughout 2013 arise in thanksgiving.  Get ready for the best is yet to come!

Be Richly Blessed,
Doriana Goins

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