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It Is Fitting For The Upright To Praise Him (Psalms 33:1)

Written by Doriana Goins Tuesday, 22 January 2013. Posted in Audio (English), Videos (English), Training Series (English)

by Psalmist Doriana Goins

It Is Fitting For The Upright To Praise Him (Psalms 33:1)
The praise of the upright is beautiful!  Integrity is one of the characteristics of a true worshiper, for that reason rejoice and sing all you upright, it pleases God to hear your praise.

To be upright is to be pure, true and without stain.  Many times we find ourselves being contaminated by the things in life which stains us, but the Upright always recognizes his errors and maintains himself clean before God and man.
It is beautiful the praise that comes from the heart of the Upright.  Not only does the praise of the Upright captivate the heart of God, but it also captivates the heart of man drawing them closer for an encounter with the presence of God.

How beautiful is the praise of the Upright!  Worshipers, you who are upright, rejoice and praise Him!  If you don't fell like an Upright, I encourage you too seek Him daily through Integrity until you obtain it.  This will transform you into a true worshiper.   His Spirit will guide us into all truth!

God Bless,
Psalmist Doriana Goins

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