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Are You Giving The Lord True Worship?

Written by Doriana Goins Thursday, 21 June 2012. Posted in Videos (English), Training Series (English)

by Psalmist Doriana Goins

Are You Giving The Lord True Worship?
This week we take a closer look at the question...
Are we giving the Lord true worship?
It may not be an easy question for us to answer.  The battle of who is going to receive our worship has been going on since the begin of time in garden with Adam and Eve. Will it be given to the Lord or will it be given to someone or something else?
Even Judas a disciple of the Lord faced this very question.  Ultimately, Judas turned Jesus over to the spiritual leaders of the day, for a few pieces of silver, with a simple KISS of betral.
If we are not careful we can find ourselves coming before the Lord in worship, yet our heart can be far from Him.  We are all faced with this internal battle for our worship.   At times, we have hundreds of different thoughts going on in our minds, personal worries, family issues, economic stuggles, etc, which become a discraction and are fighting for our worship.  Again, are we giving Him the true worship that He deserves and desires?

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